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Visual loot and player spawner by KENNITHH

LSWCM and VSWCM Loot Spawner with Colored Models Vehicle Spawner with Colored Models

This "tool" can be useful for people who struggle placing their items/weapons/healing/armor/vehicles properly In-Editor. You get an alphabetic list to select your items/weapons/vehicles from and when selected, this model will show so you can move and rotate it properly.

Download from Github


Advanced Movement Module by Yoshi

Climbing (With VR Controllers), Grabbing (Interactive Drawers, Levers, Doors etc), Velocity based Falldamage (By Mottflyer), Parachuting (By Mark Dey), Jumping, Bunnyhopping, Change jump bind

Download from Github

Advanced Bomb Spot by Xandon

This tool allows you to run an event when the bomb is planted or detonates. It also allows you to add particles when the bomb is set off which is useful for map Makers in Search and Destroy.

Download from Github

Custom Guns by Ceezy

Tutorial series and base kit on how to create custom guns for Pavlov VR. Recommended only for advanced users.

Wiki Tutorial

Player Movement Handler by BOT Dean aka Beanseller

Add this blueprint to your map, you can change the Max Walkable Floor Angle and Max Step Height upon your liking. The player will also run slower on steep angles.

Download from Dropbox

Sliding Door, Gate, and Window by Kennithh

Add interactable sliding meshes to your map!

Download from Dropbox

Video Demonstration

Player Launch Pads by Xandon

This tool allows you to launch the players reliably from one point to another. You will be able to control the arc height, start point, endpoint and time of travel.

Read the readme and download from GitHub

Pavlov Artillery Pack by Golden


  • 4 WWII anti-tank guns (German Pak-40 and Pak-43 (Thanks to [AFF]strangelet), US QF6-Pounder, Soviet ZiS-2)
  • Textures alternatives included (Pak-40 camo or blue metallic, Pak-43 winter, QF6-Pounder army green or africa, ZiS-2 army green or winter)
  • 1 anti-aircraft gun (German Flak-88)
  • Turret rotation is now controlled by one player only with thumbstick, which allow accurate aiming
  • 2 turret rotation sensitivities (High or Low)
  • 2 types of shells - Explosive (yellow) and Smoke (blue)
  • Works in vanilla and custom gamemode

Please read my tutorial before doing anything!

Download on Github

Pavlov CCTV and Body Cameras System by Golden

These customs items allow every player to embark an action camera.

It also includes fixed wall cameras. The monitor allows the user to browse the different cameras in the map, plus it shows the actual player's name, his health and team.

A monitor can be allowed to see every player or, just a specific team.

You can create child blueprints and customize everything easily in the default class settings (meshes, sounds, team index etc.)

Download from Google Drive