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HTC Vive Cosmos

Currently, the HTC Vive Cosmos doesn't have proper support in Pavlov VR, but the development team is likely working on implementing better support for the Cosmos in the next few patches. From history, when the Valve Index was released, it took the team about 4 weeks to get basic support working for it, and then a few months to get more advanced and thorough support implemented.

You can help test the HTC Vive Cosmos support today by enabling the BETA branch on Steam's PavlovVR properties. Update us on how it performs when you enable the beta.

Avoiding tracking issues with inside out tracking devices:

(1) Tracking issues may result from a broken bluetooth receiver or a bluetooth receiver with too much interference / too many devices on it at a given time. (Rarely)

(2) Tracking issues may result from poor lighting conditions. (Second most common)

(3) Tracking issues may result from dead batteries. (Most common)

Remap your keys and controls from the Windows Desktop without being in the VR World:

(1.) Open SteamVR from a Windows PC

(2.) Be on the desktop and navigate your browser to