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Kill Confirmed

by Golden

DM or TDM - bots support and manager included



Ceezy's custom zombies kit.

Join his discord community to access the kit


Yoshey's parkour system


Custom CTF

Xandon's Custom CTF Mode (With Shack Support)


Gravel Wars

Goofballs Gravelwars kit. Gravel Wars is a set of game modes heavily inspired by TF2. Game modes include Attack/Defend, Control Points, King of the Hill, and Payload.


VIP escort and Hostage Rescue

EcstaticalEcstatic's Escort and Hostage kit. Protect an AI civilian bot.



Coomzys' Infection game mode. Infected pits a team of humans against a relentless onslaught of zombie players. If a human is killed, they switch teams to zombies. The zombies can only use a melee weapon with low health but have high speed and jumping abilities. Humans win the round by outlasting the timer. Heavily inspired by Halo.

Installation: Migrate the project to your map. Place the INF_GameLogic and go to the editor category and press Spawn CORE actors, it should say "Creating INF_SoundManager". If it doesn't just place one in the level manually, place a PMF_MapEntryPoint where you want spectators to spawn when joining your map (they will probably be at world origin for half a sec first)

Place INF Spawns and assign them appropriately (Humans/Zombies). To tweak it the most important changes are to INF_GameLogic, INF_HumanProxy & INF_ZombieProxy. There you can change health, loadout, gravity, speed, etc.


Skeedards Infection game mode. Similar to the other game mode, but with cowboys as the humans and clowns being infected. Comes with anti-team killing measures which will kick the player if too excessive. Skeedard really likes the soda Dr. Pepper.


Prison Break

By Yoshey

How does Prisonbreak work? There are two teams (Guards and Prisoners). Guards have to give the Prisoners orders and play Minigames until 1 Prisoner is the last man standing. Last Prisoner alive gets to choose what to do the current or following round. Prisoners may instead of following the orders, try to Rebel and kill the guards instead as well.




Cheeto's Showdown (last man standing) mode

Download, Instructions (Requires joining the Pavlov Discord)