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Pavlov VR

Index of all Workshop Tool related topics

Getting Started A basic Tutorial on how to download and set up the Editor, create your first level and upload it
Entity List A list of all Pavlov Entities (Spawns, Kill volume etc.) and their use
Level Design Tips for layouts and design choices for Pavlov maps
Bot Navigation A more detailed topic about Bot Navigation and tips for your custom maps
Working with Blueprints A series of Blueprints tutorials to add more functionality to your projects
Modeling in Blender A quick tip sheet for using Blender to model in Unreal Engine
Changing the character model A guide on replacing character models with your own
Replacing the scoreboard How to replace the scoreboard with your own, or turn it into a custom menu
Workshop troubleshooting Troubleshoot common mistakes with workshop projects
Helpful Videos Video Tutorials
Preparing for Skins A guide on how to create skins before the official update
How to create custom guns A guide on how to create custom guns
Migrate TTT Modkit to TTTv2 A guide on how to migrate to the TTTv2 modkit
Community Shared Custom Modes Workshop game modes that modders have designed and shared with the community
Community Modkit Tools Helpful tools that modders have designed and shared with the community