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Welcome to the official Pavlov VR Wiki. You'll find topics about the game itself or about creating Custom maps for Pavlov.

Pavlov is a FPS game made for VR. The currently supported HMD's are the HTC Vive Vive-icon.png and the Oculus Rift Oculus-icon.png (which the latter is not yet officially supported)
Custom maps can be downloaded directly through the Pavlov Steam Workshop

Pavlov VR Game

This section contains information about the game itself. Such as weapons, default gamemodes, default maps and controls.

Custom Map Editor and Steam Workshop

Technical information and knowledgebase for creating custom maps with Unreal Engine 4 and the Pavlov Workshop tools.
This section also contains a helpful tutorial on how to set up the Workshop tools to create our own map.

Pavlov on the Steam Store

Pavlov Community