Migrate TTT Modkit to TTTv2

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Replace TTT Game Logic with Pavlov Game Logic

Find the TTT Game Logic actor in your map.

Replace it with a Pavlov Game Logic.

Make sure to set the definition, GlobalInfo, PlayerInfo, and PlayerProxy.

TTTv2 GameLogic.png

Checking Whether a Player is a Traitor

For Traitor Doors and Traitor Testers

TTTv2 IsPlayerTraitor.png

Force Unlimited Ammo

Create an empty Actor blueprint

Set tick interval to at least 1 second, since it has no reason to tick every frame.

The tick interval is the maximum possible time from round start until when unlimited ammo kicks in. 20 seconds would be a reasonable value, since that is the length of the preround time.

TTTv2 ForceUnlimitedAmmo.png

Replace old TTT Interactables with Pavlov Interactables

The modkit has a BP_Door example blueprint that uses the interact box to open and close a sliding door.

Any interactable blueprints using the old TTT interactable need to be updated to use the Pavlov interactable components.

Step 1: Add an interactable component to your blueprint, either a static mesh, skeletal mesh, or an invisible box collision.

TTTv2 AddInteract.png

Step 2: Add the Interact Client and Server events to your blueprint event graph. The pin off the server event should have the logic for opening the door, or whatever your interactable activates. See the modkit BP_Door for a working example.

TTTv2 SetupInteractEvents.png

Weapon Spawners and Random Loadouts

Any map that does not have TTT spawners (from the latest modkit) will spawn players with a random loadout (one gun on back and one sidearm).

TTTv2 Spawners.png


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