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Blender is a free open-source 3d modeling software available at Despite being free to use, it has many powerful tools and extensibility that rival the industry standard modeling applications Maya, 3dsMax and others.

To begin, navigate to the link above and click the blue Download Blender button. You may pick which operating system you're running as well as choose different versions of Blender on the page shown.

The installer version is the most recommended, second to the version linked on the Steam store.

The Portable (.zip) version of Blender is able to be run standalone without installing on Windows. All you have to do is extract the .zip somewhere and run Blender, and it will start on its own. You will need to create your desktop and start menu shortcuts yourself if you choose the portable version.

Quick Start

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Scene setup

By default, Blender uses meters as a unit reference. Since Unreal uses centimeters as its unit reference, certain steps have to be taken to ensure a 1:1 conversion into Unreal.

You can change Blender's meters into feet by going to the Scene Properties tab, opening the Units category, and changing the Unit System to Imperial. Increasing the Unit Scale will enlarge the scene size, so that smaller distances moved in the editor translate to larger real distances, and vice versa. You may change how Blender interprets numeric distance input for actions such as moving or extruding by changing the Length from feet/meters to another value. A unit system of None simply disables standard units entirely.

Exporting to FBX

(fbx specific export/import info)

We're gonna start from the default export/import options. Due to the scale difference between Unreal and Blender, if you want each Blender unit to be a centimeter, you will need to export the FBX with FBX Unit Scale under the Transform category. Otherwise, All Local or FBX Custom Scale will export as Blender's unit space, meters.

Exporting to OBJ

(obj specific export/import info)