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Pavlov TV

Pavlov TV can be used to watch a game live, or re-watch previous games.

Only the last few hours of games are kept, so if you want to re-watch a game, you'd better get to it quick.

If you suspect somebody of cheating, the best way to get them banned is to re-watch the game in Pavlov TV and screen-record the evidence. Then send the video to Dave via Discord.

Starting Pavlov TV

You need to add the -tv 1 -vrruntime none flags to the Pavlov.exe.

Creating a Desktop Shortcut for Pavlov TV

  • Goto steam, right-click Pavlov and choose “Properties” -> Local Files -> Browse Local Files
  • Right-click and drag Pavlov.exe to desktop, then choose "Create Shortcut Here"
  • Right-click the shortcut, choose properties, edit the "Target" to add " -tv 1 -vrruntime none"
  • It should look like: "somethingsomething\PavlovVR\Pavlov.exe" -tv 1 -vrruntime none

Now you can start pavlov as normal - or - launch Pavlov TV from the desktop shortcut.

Pavlov TV Controls

   T         = Toggles Between Firstperson / Free modes, the player in the middle of the screen gets switched to
   M         = Toggles menu
   1         = Toggle player name tags
   2         = Toggle xray vision
   3         = Toggle top score
   0      = Hide everything
   TAB       = Scoreboard
   F1-F8     = Switch to saved views (Shift to save a view at the current camera location)
   I         = Instant Replay (work in progress)
   L         = Goto to Live
   Freecam Mode:
   Mouse     = Look
   WASD      = Movement
   C         = Toggles no-clipping
   Shift     = Speed boost
   Ctrl      = Speed damping
   Q         = Elevation up
   E         = Elevation down
   First Person Mode:
   X         = Next player
   Z         = Previous player
   V         = Switch team