Player Sterotypes/Stereotypes

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Lawful Good

(1.) Shop Owner: A server mod who is just a cool chill and relaxed guy who occasionally gives out weapons.

(2.)Hippies: The relaxed type of players you can meet, Normally the older people who are more laid back then most older players. Tending not to head on fight you but just chat

Neutral Good

(1)Gun Freaks: These are really just normal players like you and I, but they know the date, caliber, manufacturer, service time, how much damage it deals to the human body and why the gun was made to every single weapon in the game. It's not bad to know this, it's just creepy to be told about the chemistry and lore behind an automatic rifle like they will commit a war crime with this info.

(2)The Cool Uncle: These are really just a overall amazing server owners, allowing everyone to play matches and games modes as: TTT, ZMD, TDM, SND, DM, TAMKTDM, and Hide as if there isn't the holy saint with inaccessible weaponry and a tank roaming around trying to find the traitor while abiding by game rules while sometimes reviving dead players with the syringe, they spawned from their menu. But watch out! Sometimes if the server owner gets ticked off by your or others random kills or attempts to kill them, You'll end up sometimes explaining what you've done to the kicked from server screen from the hub.

Chaotic Good

(1)The Companion: A Deathmatch or Zombies player who won't usually kill a single person but will casually hang out with others and join them in battles till you or they have to leave. Or will randomly turn against you and kill you then leave.

Lawful Neutral

(1)V.I.I.A/Very Important Immature Person: These people (Rare) will demand you give your gun after or when they lose theirs. If you don't, they will kill you for it during a ZMD or a TTT instants. Usually when they don't get their way they'll call you a, "B*tch", "Fag". Or make fun of you for not handing over the weapon, Usually they get ganged by everyone in the server.

True Neutral

(1)Strong Independent Woman/S.T.W: These players often ruin everyone's game play for the Hide, Zmd, SND, Tdm, and TANKTDM Normally these players act higher than a monarchy, Shooting through teammates to get to the target, Kill others for their stuff, not help anyone else but for themselves, and demand you help when they get injured or in trouble.

(2)Mansas in aperto: (Hides in the open) Prop hunt players who exist in a sub realm of the map hiding in perfect spot and nobody ever notices these players ever.

(3)Hanz Schneider: These people are mostly server owners who play, ZMD, Hide, TDM, DM, TANKTDM, And really All Game Modes. The reason this is titled, Hanz Schneider, Is because this stereotypical player, LOVES WWII German military items- (Not Nazis, Just really think german war tech was awesome and can name every germans gun) with the exact layout of a solider. From the grenades at the lop left and right of their player torso, Kar98 bayonet in the left holster, Luger in the right holster, normally fitted with the STG 44.

Chaotic Neutral

(1) Sleeper Agent: This type of person is always menace to ZMD players. These users will play the game like everyone else and follow along with everyone and hang out and help others. But as soon as they have to go they go around and murder as many people as possible causing a majority of the server to leave or wait for the round to end.

(2)Horder: Another ZMD player who will take all the gun off the crate, or take all the attachments and act shocked when they get killed because of their selfish actions.

(3)Father Figure: These players can be found in, Hide, TTT, and ZMD. As soon as these players die they'll just straight up leave the server leaving everyone minus one person slowly ruining the fun, and never to be seen in another lobby again.

Lawful Neutral

(1) ground sniffers: These players vary in many different evolutions from not knowing how to reload the gun that they hold, Trying to kill everyone and leave as soon as they fail. 80% these floor dwellers are from the age of 7-10 and always wine about how "WhY aM i nOt fAsT?!?1" These irritating meat sacks have little to no knowledge of the game and ruin the emersion of combat by looking like they're trying to snort cocaine powder from floor

(2)Sniper Main: Must I explain?

Neutral Evil

(1) funny troll: These players just grief the hell out of TTT games and ZMD sometimes SND games, And as soon as they get killed they leave.

(2) Onward Disappointment: These crappy new players (Preferably Quest). Just came from onward and decided to use their brains and now think, that all onwards controls apply to EVERY shooter game. Now it up to you to explain to these 10yr olds and up to 12yr olds, how to use the M249!

Chaotic Evil

Discord mod: These are just server owner who just relentlessly ruin everybody's experience like there is no tomorrow.

6 year olds: Little shits that shouldn't have the game.