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Pavlov is coming to the Oculus Quest

You read correctly. Pavlov already has a working build on the quest.

Pavlov Quest: The latest development build

The latest build, as of 8/5/2019 is build 7b. This build was released on June 1st, 2019.

Using Windows 10 PC to install the latest build

(0) Pre-requisites:

   Oculus Quest
   Oculus App installed on smart phone, paired to quest
   Windows 10 PC with a USB-C connection to Oculus Quest

(1) Go here, sign in to your oculus account, create an organization.

(2) Go here, download, install the "Oculus Go ADB Drivers", restart your PC.

(3) From your smartphone: Connect to your Oculus Quest, go to settings, more settings, and then select developer mode and enable it.

(4) Now, we download and install Pavlov VR: You're going to want to download this:

(5) Extract the above zip file to a folder.

(6) From the extracted files: Execute the file named "install.bat" on a Windows 10 machine with your Oculus Quest powered and connected to the PC via a USB-C connection.