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Pavlov is coming to the Oculus Quest

You read correctly. Pavlov already has a working build on the quest. With a store release date that was recently pushed back to sometime next year. (

The latest build, as of 12/18/2019 is build 22. This build was released on December 18th, 2019.

Consider joining us on Discord at! Be sure to provide feedback on the current development builds in the related quest channels. Look for users [ZZZ#8888] and [Rachel#0026] if you have any questions and can't find your answers in the #quest-chitchat and #quest-feedback channels.

See the FAQ here:

See the list of known bugs here:

Pavlov Change Log

Build 10

 - Zombies & Hunt added to 'Offline' menu
 - Zombies COOP Online
 - Scopes removed
 - Major performance improvements
 - New map for Zombies (Still needs work)

Build 11

 - TTT game mode added to all maps
 - Crates in Zombies Mode and Zombies spawning fixed
 - Added 'Start Up Map' to boot into Kill House or Gun Range
 - Siberia Map fixed
 - Added lockers in Zombies that can hold items
 - Added a Tutorial WIP
 - Knives function as intended
 - Performance improvements
 - Added attachments to Zombies
 - Changed weapon order in Zombies

Build 12

 - Only change should be people actually move when playing online

Build 18 (13 to 17 where deployed private)

 - Players are given random names ie. <null>_8372 to allow vote kicking and better identification
 - Voting functions properly works (No more vote end match unless enough people agree)
 - New UI for matchmaking. Shows up on the side in the pause menu
 - Checkbox for Modes and Maps to select what you want
 - Tutorial is functional. Demonstrates basic functions like running, pausing, buy menu, reloading, planting/defusing the bomb.
 - Karma in TTT. Innocent/Detective kills another Innocent/Detective their karma will drop. Karma drops to low 'number unknown currently' you will be banned from TTT until you raise your karma from playing other game modes. If a person has low karma, and you kill them, your karma won't drop as much due to them having a past in RDMing
 - Budget. Traitors and Innocent gets 1k$ and Detective gets 10k$. This is prevent buying 2 LMGs and mass RDMing, and to balance the game out more.
 - Your role in TTT will be said to you in the skin selector room along with displaying in the scoreboard.
 - Taser was added to the Detective. Two shots. When shot with the taser you will stop moving and drop what is in your hands. Does minimal damage.

Build 20

 - Performance improvements on all maps
 - Names with the name.txt
 - Karma Improvements
 - TTT Scanner body tags
 - Scopes are now replaced with Holographic sights on all guns
 - Smaller improvements where needed

Build 22

 - Minor bug fixes
 - Performance Improvements

Using Windows 10 PC to install the latest build

(0) Pre-requisites:

   Oculus Quest
   Oculus App installed on smart phone, paired to quest
   Windows 10 PC with a USB-C connection to Oculus Quest

(1) Go here, sign in to your oculus account, create an organization.

(2) From your smartphone:

    Connect to your Oculus Quest, go to settings, more settings, and then select developer mode and enable it.

Video from this point on

(3) Now, we download and install Pavlov VR:

    You're going to want to download this:

(4) Extract the above zip file to a folder.

(5) From the extracted files:

   Open the 'name.txt' file with NotePad
       Delete 'null'
       Enter the name you want displayed
           Save then close the file
    Double click the file named "install.bat" on a Windows 10 machine with your Oculus Quest powered and connected to the PC via a USB-C connection.
    When it says "--waiting on device--" go into the Oculus and use your controllers to authorize the connection from this PC.

(6) Play the game!

    Launch the alpha from Unknown Sources in your Oculus Quest library, wait for the three dots to bounce around for 45-60 seconds and you should be in the gun range.

Using a Mac to install the latest build

Go here, sign in to your oculus account, create an organization.

From your smartphone:

    Connect to your Oculus Quest, go to settings, more settings, and then select developer mode and enable it.

Install.bat but for Mac

   This all makes sense to me. If you have trouble DM me on discord (Rachel#0026) or ping me in the Pavlov Discord.
   Download the latest Pavlov
           Has MacOS files, but last I check 12:43am EST, they did not work. Informed Dave about it, will check again later. The google drive files will continue to work.
   Download the Pavlov Mac Install Files
           Method still needs testing! When you use this if it works/doesnt work, please inform me on discord via DM or @ me
           This is an "upgrade" from before. This will install ANY .obb file in the folder. AKA It saves me from uploading a new build 
           to my google drive with every update (this is specifically made for 
           the updates at 2am and with future releases possibly having multiple updates in a single day.

Extract the zips.

   Just double click the zip file and it should do the rest
       Video from this point on
   Open up the "Pavlov Mac Install Files' folder
   Copy '' and the 'platform-tools' folder
   Paste the files in the 'PavlovVR_OpenAlpha_BuildNum_##' folder
       Click 'Replace' when prompted
   Open the 'name.txt' file with TextEdit
       Delete 'null'
       Enter the name you want displayed
           Save then close the file
   Right click the
   Click 'Open With'
   Click 'Other'
   Click the drop down arrow and and select All Applications
   Search for and select Terminal
   Click 'Open'
   Let everything install and you should see 1 fil....1 MB/s (3644825060 bytes in 182.396s)
   Saving session...
   ...copying shared history...
   ...saving history...truncating history files...
   Unplug the headset
   Boot Pavlov, found in 'Unknown Sources' in your Library

Using Linux to install the latest build

The installation on linux is very similar to Mac. With the new MacOS method, this may be different, I (Rachel) do not use Linux, it should be fairly similar still

  1. Download the Pavlov zip file for mac and extract it.
  2. You will need different adb tools as the binaries for mac won't work. These worked for me: Link
  3. Replace platform-tools in the one you just downloaded.
  4. Open with your favorite text editor.
  5. Replace "Echo" with "echo"
  6. Have your quest connected to your pc and run the script with sudo.
  7. Done!

If you want to use a different architecture than x86, you will need different platform-tools.

TTT on Pavlov 'Lite'

There are some slight changes compared to the PC mod

 - You can play TTT on any map already on Pavlov
 - You can choose from two different player models
 - The Detective spawns with the scanner
   - Traitor tested isn't used on alive players unless they've recently committed a murder.
   - Meant to scan dead bodies or people that came from an area where shooting just happened
   - If you scan a player thats alive it will always say they're innocent unless they recently murdered (~20-30secs)
 - Crates drop with weapons as a replacement to weapons on the ground on PC Pavlov
   - Detective will get a taser
   - Innocents/Traitors will have 1k and Detective will have 10k
   - Karma will be added
     - Kill an Innocent as an Innocent/Detective your karma will go down
     - Kill someone with low karma, your karma won't lower as much
     - If karma gets to low, you won't be allowed to play TTT until you raise your karma playing other gamemodes
   - Update UI for the scoreboard
   - Role will show up onscreen in the skin selector room and on the scoreboard. No longer on your watch

Recording a video of your Pavlov play and sharing it

Recording on Quest natively

   If you are not in the Oculus Home already, go ahead and go there by clicking the Oculus button. (The small button near the bottom of the right controller)
         Near the bottom you should see a "home bar" with the tabs
         Click on the Sharing tab
                   Click "Record Video" which is directly under that.
         You will now see a red dot in the top right, indicating that you are recording
                   When you are done recording, go back to the Home and press the same button and then the red dot will disappear and the video will be saved to the Quest

Pulling the video off the Quest

   Will be updated in the near future when I get my Quest -Raven

Casting your Pavlov Quest play to another device on your network in real time

The install.bat file for reference as of Dec 2019

If you want to install manually if you don't have the ability to run scripts this is what you'll need to figure out how to do: Install the apk, copy the OBB over and enable the Mic permission manually.

Here's the install.bat file, from the Dec 2019 install:

'setlocal set ADB=.\platform-tools\adb.exe set DEVICE= if not "%1"=="" set DEVICE=-s %1 for /f "delims=" %%A in ('%ADB% %DEVICE% shell "echo $EXTERNAL_STORAGE"') do @set STORAGE=%%A @echo. @echo Uninstalling existing application. Failures here can almost always be ignored. %ADB% %DEVICE% uninstall com.davevillz.pavlov @echo Uninstalling existing application. Failures here can almost always be ignored. %ADB% %DEVICE% uninstall com.vankrupt.pavlov @echo. @echo Installing existing application. Failures here indicate a problem with the device (connection or storage permissions) and are fatal. %ADB% %DEVICE% install Pavlov-Android-Shipping-armv7-es2.apk @if "%ERRORLEVEL%" NEQ "0" goto Error %ADB% %DEVICE% shell rm -r %STORAGE%/UE4Game/Pavlov %ADB% %DEVICE% shell rm -r %STORAGE%/UE4Game/UE4CommandLine.txt %ADB% %DEVICE% shell rm -r %STORAGE%/obb/com.vankrupt.pavlov %ADB% %DEVICE% shell rm -r %STORAGE%/Android/obb/com.vankrupt.pavlov %ADB% shell pm grant com.vankrupt.pavlov android.permission.RECORD_AUDIO %ADB% shell pm grant com.vankrupt.pavlov android.permission.READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE %ADB% shell pm grant com.vankrupt.pavlov android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE %ADB% %DEVICE% push name.txt %STORAGE%/ @echo. @echo Installing new data. Failures here indicate storage problems (missing SD card or bad permissions) and are fatal. %ADB% %DEVICE% push %STORAGE%/Download/obb/com.vankrupt.pavlov/ if "%ERRORLEVEL%" NEQ "0" goto Error %ADB% %DEVICE% shell mv %STORAGE%/Download/obb/com.vankrupt.pavlov %STORAGE%/Android/obb/com.vankrupt.pavlov if "%ERRORLEVEL%" NEQ "0" goto Error @echo.

@echo. @echo Installation successful goto:eof


@echo. @echo There was an error installing the game or the obb file. Look above for more info. @echo. @echo Things to try: @echo Check that the device (and only the device) is listed with "%ADB$ devices" from a command prompt. @echo Make sure all Developer options look normal on the device @echo Check that the device has an SD card. @pause