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What is Pavlov Shack

Pavlov Shack is the mobile version of Pavlov VR. It is extremely close to Pavlov on PC except for some graphical and player sized limitations

How do I play Pavlov?

The game includes a tutorial to get you started, you can also view helpful videos on the Wiki

How much does Pavlov Shack cost?

Right now Pavlov Shack is a free beta but will cost $24.99 when it arrives on the Oculus store.

How do I download Pavlov Shack?

Open your Oculus companion app on your phone and search for "Pavlov Shack Beta" and download it to your quest. You can find the app listing here: Pavlov Shack Beta

How do I get custom maps?

Custom maps are delivered from community servers who host the maps in their rotation. Simply join a server that is playing the map and you will automatically download it. Additionally, if you have the actual map files, you can connect your Quest to the computer in MTP or file transfer mode to place the maps in your Pavlov folder on the root of the Quest file system.

How do I play custom maps?

As of right now you cannot use custom maps in lobbies or offline, ONLY servers, offline maps may be back soon but they were all hidden to prevent use in lobbies which caused crashes. Custom maps in lobbies will come later on

Can I play custom maps on lobbies?

No. You must use a community server.

How do I update maps?

Joining a server that is hosting a newer version of the map will cause you automatically update the newer version.

My Mic isn't working in Pavlov Shack

Make sure that you have enabled microphone permissions for the Pavlov Shack app. go into your library page on the Oculus Home menu. Find the Pavlov Shack app. Hover your cursor over the Pavlov Shack app. You should see 3 dots on the bottom right of the app. Click them to open a small drop down menu. Select the "Permissions" option. Enable the microphone permission. Sometimes the mic cuts out after your Quest has been in sleep mode, restart the game to fix.

Can I play with SteamVR Pavlov players with PC on Pavlov: Shack? (Crossplay)

There are currently no plans for crossplay for performance degradation reasons. Don't ask the developers to add cross-play.

When will the game be on the Oculus store?

Eventually, yes. There is no ETA. The developers would like to continue to polish the game and fix bugs before shipping to the Oculus store officially.

Where did Gore go?

Gore was disabled on both the quest 1 and quest 2 due to performance issues. Gore is being reworked to be better optimized and should be out later in Summer 2021.

I found a bug! How can I report it?

Shack is currently in beta, so bugs are to be expected. If you want to report a bug the best way is to join the discord and send it to one of the users with the "Shack Tester" role

I'm having issues with performance on a specific map.

The developers are currently optimizing the official maps by rebuilding them from scratch for mobile. They will be improved in later updates. Custom maps are the responsibility of the map maker to optimize to make sure it runs well on the Quest and Quest 2. You can either avoid the map/server entirely or try to join the discord community to contact and notify the author of the issues a custom map has.