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Weapon Icon Cost Money Per Kill Ammo Damage Accuracy Controls Notes
Rounds/shells Per Mag Carried Base Projectiles Per Shot Falloff Armour Pen. Accuracy Accuracy 2 Handed Fire Modes Mag Releases Bolt Releases
Sawed Off T GunThumb Sawedoff.png 1000 600 2 20 10 No damage reduction 10% 4/10 (Ac, 35%) No sights must rely on center rail (if distance is required) better "accuracy" single handed. Semi-auto Trigger-hand N/A Break action
M590 T GunThumb PumpShotgun.png 1,500 600 6+1 15 10 No damage reduction 10% 9.2/10 (Ac, 94%) Default sights are simple, and basic low recoil when using 2 hands. Pump action N/A Yes, Grip/Fore-end, Locks back when munition is out
SPAS-12 T GunThumb CombatShotgun.png 1,800 100 8+1 15 6 No damage reduction 10% Normal: 9/10 (Ac, 95%) folded stock: 3/10 (Ac, 46%) Depth perception, Default sights are simple and basic. (great for single hand use while folded) As accurate that this shotguns allows: Def semi-auto N/A - Bolt doesn't lock back Interactive charging handle on the right side. Deployable buttstock.
M249 T GunThumb LMGA.png 3,000 100 100 20 1 No damage reduction 100% 8/10 (Ac, 95%) Very hard one handed, shakes left and right, aims up quickly tricky to get rear sight perfectly alined (If long ranged accuracy needed) Off-hand N/A - Bolt doesn't lock back LMG. Belt fed via a box system. Will overheat when fired for too long(Aprox. 6 sec. continuous fire), making it unable to fire until cooled down.
Saiga 12 T GunThumb DrumShot.png 4,200 100 20+1 15 6 No damage reduction 10% 8.8/10 (Ac, 75%) Very simple nothing excessive, similar to a hunting rifle good in auto, loses control after awhile.(2-3 secs) Full-auto, semi-auto Off-hand N/A - Bolt doesn't lock back Drum-fed Russian combat shotgun.
Barrett M99 T GunThumb AntiTank.png 4,800  ? 1  ? 1 No damage reduction 100% 6/10 (Ac, 45%)(no attachments) Normal as every other sniper Bolt-action N/A - Single shot only N/A - Bolt doesn't lock back Anti-materiel rifle. Always one-shot kills