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Talking out problems along with taking Brain C-13 medications helps too. By working through problems, the person can find a happier life and the "illnesses," will go away.Winter blues is something that we all go through in every winter season. Not all of us know how to deal with it.

If you feel depressed or low on energy, take too much effort to get out of bed in the morning, have lack of concentration or often have mood swings, you are probably having winter blues. It is nothing to worry about; however, some steps must be taken to ward it off before it beats you off and take its toll.

The more severe kind of winter blue is termed as the seasonal affective disorder, which is more commonly known as SAD. The most common reason of SAD and winter blues is low exposure to light.The colours of autumn, as it approaches, make the atmosphere depressed, which lingers throughout the winters. Apart from exposure to light, the other possible reason could be the colours of nature that become grey and dark, giving everything a sad feeling.