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The environment sometimes can add to the Derma Correct Skin Tag Removal possibility of dandruff appearing. Too much UV sunlight can irritate the scalp and cause dandruff to appear. However, a small amount of sunlight and fresh air help to keep the scalp healthy. Even clothing plays a roll. Wearing a hat or using certain hair gels and lotions often causes dandruff to worsen. This is because the scalp becomes a breeding ground for dandruff to thrive.

It is simple to answer your question "Is dandruff contagious?" The only time that you can possibly get it is from a person who has ringworm. Otherwise, the reason you have it is most likely the result of environmental, physical or cosmetic influences Most people think that they know the answer as to how to get soft smooth skin, but their choice of skin care products implies that they may not know quite as much as they think. More often than not when searching for skin care products consumers will shop for those that contain certain key ingredients that they have heard about and often they will only buy specific name brands.

People sometimes put their trust in certain companies because of how long said company has been in business. They tend to believe that longevity is a guarantee of quality, and this has been disproven time and time again when it comes to the cosmetics industry. Just because a company has one of the most recognizable names in the business does not mean the products they are giving you are either safe, or effective.