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This study is one more proof of the importance Diabetes Freedom of weight control and physical exercises for personal wellness and good health. It clearly shows that lifestyle factors (obesity and sedentary lifestyle) are very important in triggering the genetic elements that cause Type 2 diabetes. People having somebody in the family suffering this disease should pay special attention to these results and considering them as a motivation for applying a rigorous weight control and routinely physical training program.

It is hard being someone with diabetes, especially not being able to enjoy sweet things. People with diabetes need to cut down on certain food and consume foods which are good at regulating blood sugar levels. Many foods are said to be good for diabetics. I have paid attention to many of these reports, and I think it is true: certain foods do help regulate one's blood sugar. Here is a list of a few foods that I have heard are friendly to people with diabetes.

Cinnamon Various sources have reported that cinnamon can help reduce blood sugars. I find that this is true, and I often put cinnamon on my foods (because it also tastes good!) Interestingly, an ingredient called MHCP is said to lower glucose levels in much the same way that insulin does.