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There is need to protect our children and curtail Gaia’s Protocol our general acceptance and production of GM foods until we can eat the produce with full confidence that our health is not being detrimentally affected.

With everything that we see in the press regarding omega 3 and all the benefits it has for the body, then quite rightly most people want to get more of it in their diet and this would include of course the food they cook and having some good omega 3 recipes. However there are different kinds of Omega three fats and these fats are found in different sources, so even though you might be cooking with omega 3 rich recipes, because of the ingredients you are using you may actually be doing very little additional benefit for your health.

The different kinds of Omega three fats are as follows, ALA, DHA and EPA. The one that you would most commonly get in your diet is the ALA fats, this is because they're quite often added to foods that we buy off the shelves but the source of them is mainly seed and nuts such as flax seeds and walnuts. The other two fats are to be found in oily fish such as salmon and tuna; and it is fats found in oily fish that are known to have the most health benefits for you.