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A personalized and more individualized approach in HydraLyft caring for the skin works best, since it addresses the specific needs of the individual and it maximizes skin care. Generally, no matter what skin type, skin care involves putting on sunscreen and moisturizer, and keeping the skin clean and fresh all day.

This regimen maintains the skin's moisture all throughout the day, and prevents premature and unwanted wrinkles brought about by free radicals absorbed from the sun. But it's the little differences between caring for different skin types that matter.For dry skin, the most important thing to remember is to moisturize.

One can do so by washing the face with a gentle facial cleanser, and then when the skin is a bit damp, putting on face lotion or a moisturizer to lock in the moisture. Using a moisturizer with sunscreen, especially one that contains chemical from grape seed or dimethicone or petrolatum will continually hydrate the skin's moisture, and prevent it from drying out during the rest of the day.