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How do we avoid accidental damage?

Looking for verification and stable evaluation of your website, then Toto Verification Eat-Dubai is here to help. We understand that the capital of your website, the more secure and valid your site will be. Therefore, in our site verification, the most important element that the Toto verification community should have is to inform members about the risk of a scam and to help prevent it in advance through the accumulated amount of data.

However, most of the existing verified sites have the purpose of promoting other scam sites or indiscriminately promote unverified sites as if they were major sites to secure their profits. Members who cannot understand the essence of the verification site are inevitably exposed to other damage. derives the operation behavior of eat-and-run sites through the accumulated data of more than 700 eat-and-runs and supports members to prevent damage in advance through the derived contents. By providing accident cases, the purpose of operation of the site, and the opinion of the verification team, we provide information so that members can have the knowledge to prevent damage on their own even if they use the new Toto site so that members can enjoy themselves in a safe environment. We support you to enjoy betting.

We verify the site security

If you submit the report of any website through the scam report bulletin board, we will proceed with verification as soon as possible. Eat-and-run Dubai conducts quick verification if you submit a report through the bulletin board for not only the new Toto sites that are created every day but also the sites that members want to use. To conduct a more thorough verification, a verification period of about 2 days will be given and the basic capital strength including the site's history and the location of the server is provided.

We also conduct the IP tracking of the website to make sure that you will have a completely secure and safe site to use. Also with help of information about the scam sites received through the scam report is being used to prevent secondary damage to members by boldly disclosing information about the scam site, so you must report it proactively. If you submit a report, attach reliable information that can prove the accident, including your betting history, so that we can proceed with the verification faster. Visit our website to get more information.