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Since a main side effect of inflammation Joint Pain Hack is pain, decreasing inflammation will decrease pain also. Protocol for icing an area is 15-20 minutes, until it goes numb. You should feel a progression from cold to burning to aching to numbness. Do not leave the ice on longer than this period as it could have the exact opposite effect, becoming a vasodilator.

Heat is good once we have decreased this inflammation and our goal is to increase mobility. Heat allows muscles to relax and lengthen. We can start to use this in the sub-acute phase. While heat is good in this aspect, it helps to rush the blood supply in to an area, causing inflammation. This is why we stay away from heat initially.

It is always a good idea to think ice first. Just because heat feels good, you may be increasing your symptoms, doing more harm than good. Always consult your health care practitioner, and most importantly, feel better.