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Manny was also very helpful in giving me some My Sugar Balance key insight about Cobra and certain people that I should speak to in order to get some better information about it. I told him that with not working at the diabetes company anymore, it felt weird to be at a conference as an attendee and not behind the booth working it, I actually liked it better.

After the breakfast, or lack there of in my opinion, we were herded off into the next room to hear the lectures and updates from three of the top researchers in the world. To introduce the three speakers was Dr. Nemery, she is a south Florida pediatric endo that is one of the best out there. She finished her introduction by saying, " my goal as a pediatric endo is to not have to treat my patients with insulin." Well said. The first speaker was Camillo Ricordi.

It was very difficult to understand his accent, plus he spoke to us like we were also scientists and doctors, so it was tough to understand what he was talking about. The main thing that I understood from his lecture is that insulin producing cells generated from human embryonic cells protect mice from diabetes. That sounds like a good start to me.