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When it is hot it is really hot and the same goes when Power Efficiency Guide it is cold. Due to this a lot of the very young and the very old are affected that the mortality rate for deaths caused by the heat or cold wave for this group has risen. Greenhouse effect has also affected the supply of food. Crops are being destroyed either by the heat or cold spells. There are also times that when it rains, it really pours causing floods that destroy vast agricultural lands that already have been planted with various crops.

Do your share now to prolong the life of mother earth. Using solar power converted to electricity to run some appliances in your homes will be a great part in the battle against global warming. Solar power does not harm the environment and harnessing it is not that expensive. Go Green! Use Solar Energy in every little way you can.

It's fair to assume that most of us are getting tired of paying high fuel costs and no doubt, this would apply to you also. It's for this reason why many of us each and every day, scour the internet for ideas on alternative, renewable sources of energy for our homes. It's far easier than many people would imagine yet so many people read about these opportunities but do nothing about them and continue paying highly inflated prices for their electricity.