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Your doctor will also check your ears. In Sonus Complete doing so, he may find it necessary to remove the wax that may have built up. Removing the wax may stop the phantom sounds you have been hearing.If these things don't work, he may suggest things like a hearing aid or another type of device that will act much like the white noise machines. Finally, if all else fails, he may decide to treat it with medication. Unfortunately, many of these drugs, although may work for you, also have side effects that can pose serious health risks. Weigh out the pros and cons before deciding on which solution is right for you.

An alternative approach for treating tinnitus is now available. It does not use drugs, vitamins, audio therapy, surgery or other costly medical treatment. More and more people now turning to this approach because of its effectiveness, lack of side effects and will not cost you an arm and a leg anyway. Bud Adrian is 72; he suffered from tinnitus for years and now has fully recovered.

If you have on and off or constant ringing in the ears, you aren't alone. About 12 million people in this country alone suffer from this annoying condition known as tinnitus. The sound you hear may not always be ringing. It can be like a squeal, whine, buzz, roar, or even a hiss or a hum. This problem can be in just one ear or both ears. For about one-tenth of those people with tinnitus it can be bad enough to disrupt your days and make it hard to sleep at night.