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Diabetics must eat in moderation the foods StrictionBP that contain natural sugar. The examples are oranges, bananas, grapes and other such fruits.Diabetics must stay many steps away from candies, sweets, and chocolate. If you are a chocolate lover then a small piece of chocolate made of dark cocoa is fine.It is good to eat fruits but diabetics must stay away from dry fruit as it is full of sugar. Coffee and tea do not help the diabetic control the blood sugar level, so it is better to reduce the intake of tea and coffee. It is good to substitute tea and coffee with green tea, and substitute sugary sodas with plain water.

Basically grain, rye, wheat and many other foods must be avoided that on consumption easily converted into glucose.The most sensible method of eating by diabetics is to eat almost all things but in moderation. Anything sour on the dinning table helps to keep the blood sugar level in control.

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