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Our bodies need carbs to survive, and too StrictionBP many carbs make our blood sugar go up too high, and not enough and we can experience hypoglycemia which is not pretty at all, I can assure you. This is just the tip of the iceberg in the ongoing struggle of diabetics to maintain a healthy body. If you do not have diabetes, you need to keep it that way by any means necessary. If you already have the disease, like me, you need to stay positive, and keep fighting.Every diabetic knows that sugar is the enemy of blood sugar control. A leafy green salad on the other hand, is the diabetic's nutritional best friend. Or are they?

The reality is, the biology of diabetes creates some results that most diabetics don't expect. Here are five examples of the "strange biology" of diabetes of which every diabetic should be aware of. Sugar is not absolutely always bad for diabetics.

There are rare circumstances when diabetics experience predictably low blood sugars. Examples are prolonged aerobic exercise (taking a hike, for example), slow stomach emptying (after a very fatty meal or due to diabetic damage to the nerves controlling the stomach), and over-medication with diabetes drugs. When blood sugars crash, consuming sugar is the best way to get them back to normal. The amount of sugar most diabetics need to correct low blood sugars, however, is the equivalent of about 15 grams of glucose. That's about the amount of carbohydrate in half a cookie or half a cup of juice... all a diabetic needs to get back to normal.