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This situation if persists for a longer period StrictionD of time, start to damage kidneys, nerves, eyes as well as heart. Who Are At An Increased Risk Of Diabetes Though it is a common disease and can affect anyone at an age, however following People are at an increased risk of Diabetes Type 2 People who are overweight or obese People who follow a sedentary lifestyle People who seldom exercise

People who does not eat healthy Who ever had suffer from gestational diabetes Women who have given birth to overweight child People above the age of 40 Complications Of Type 2 Diabetes Kidney Disease Untreated diabetes can even fail the kidney. It means the kidneys become unable to filter the waste materials from blood.

Heart Problems Untreated diabetes increases the risk of heart attacks, strikes and heart failure. BLindness The increased blood supply towards eye results in swelling of eye lens which results in blurred vision. In extreme case the damage to the eye nerves may even result in partial or complete blindness.