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Before you go off and buy the first pair of socks you StrictionD see on a random medical supply store, you should know exactly what type of sock you are looking for. Yes, I know you are looking for diabetic socks, but what kind? There are literally hundreds of socks to choose from. Personally, aside for choosing what type of sock, calf high, sports sock or anklet, I would recommend choosing a popular name brand. Brands like Dr Scholls diabetic socks or Wigwam diabetic socks may be a bit more expensive then some of the other brands you will come across but in the long run they are much more high quality and will last longer.

Many websites, like, not only provide the goods that you are looking for, they also provide a place for the consumer to leave their opinion on the product that they purchased. Sites like this may be worth checking out when deciding on exactly which brand or type of socks you want to buy. Remember these socks don't come cheap you may as well do a bit of research before you spend you money.

Once you have decided on which pair of socks you want to be it is time to price check. Google offers an excellent price comparison program on their website. They will list the exact item you are looking for an the companies that sell them. You can also decide to list them by cheapest rank or by the stores customer satisfaction. I would recommend sorting the diabetic socks in price order. At the same time I would never buy any product from an online store with a very low customer satisfaction rank.