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William Glasser in his work Positive Addiction Ultra Manifestation states that there are two things people strive for to find fulfillment and if they have these two things they will live healthy lives. These things are love and doing something that is worthwhile. People who do not find these things will look for other means to get to such a place which usually occurs in an unhealthy way.

If we were to first analyze the spies we could see that they had some power but they were only scouts. This position did not give them the grandeur that one had by being the head of their tribe or being the leader of a nation. When they returned with their report they decided to become important. They decided that they would not be subservient to the leadership of Moshe and Aaron.

They decided to publicly argue and cause a rebellion. They would now be the leaders. They would become worth something. In addition, the Torah tells us that they did not feel worthy. They stated that the people of the land were giants and that we were in their eyes as grasshoppers. That was their impression of themselves. They were insignificant in their own eyes.