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One of the easiest way to help reduce heel Vitamove Back Pain Relief pain is simply by just taking a rest. If your job demand you to stand for a long period of time or you need to walk a lot, make sure you take a break once in a while. Resting will relieve the affected area from the burden of your weight and allow it to heal. Shoe Insert Using a shoe insert is one of the most popular plantar fascia treatment among the sufferers. Shoe insert will support your foot and help reduce stress around the area. A strategically placed heel insert absorbs the pounding foot shock of each step and reduce the pain.

Ice and Heat One of a proven therapy for plantar fasciitis is by alternating application of heat and cold coupled with massage that works wonders to relieve pain, reduce swelling and promote healing. Use ice pack in the morning and heat pack in the evening. Night Splint Night splints maintain the ankle in a upward position and toe extension, creating a constant mild stretch of the plantar fascia that allows it to heal at a functional length. Night splint is a cost effective treatment and available in most health store.

Maybe the best way to discuss Tennis Elbow is to share a story with you. I had a patient come in recently complaining of pain on her outside forearm and elbow. She said it had been sore for awhile but didn't think too much of it until it got to the point where turning a door knob, brushing her teeth or even picking up a cup of coffee was painful and hard to do.