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Is St. George a Nice Place to Live?

The city of St. George is a great place to live if you're looking for a beautiful location in the desert. There are plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy in the city. Recreation is readily available, including the Red Hills Desert Garden and the Red Cliffs Recreation Area. The city is also home to an LDS temple. The LDS Temple in St. George is still used for religious ceremonies, but it has been renovated to make it more hospitable to residents. If you are interested inSt George Utah Homes For Sale, visit The Best Utah Real Estate website. 

For those looking for a peaceful environment, St. George has a relatively low crime rate compared to other cities in the state. The city's population is lower than the state average, so you won't experience a terrible commute. The crime rate is only 170.9, which is much lower than the national average of 280.5. The city's 2016 statistics show that there were 0 murders, 54 rapes, 14 robberies, and 14 assaults. The city's traffic was also much less stressful, as there were few potholes or construction issues. This is a huge advantage for anyone who loves nature and the outdoors.

Although the housing market in St. George is more expensive than the national average, it does have plenty of job opportunities. The city is located near Las Vegas and Mesquite, which provide more job opportunities and a lower cost of living. The average price of a medium-sized home is close to $300,000. This means that you need to pay at least $310,000 for a medium-sized three-bedroom structure. However, you can save by adjusting your lifestyle and preferences.

When it comes to crime, St. George has a low crime rate, with only 39.7% of crime committed in the city. With a low crime rate, St. George has a great reputation for being a safe place to live. There are many employment opportunities and many people who are happy to work in this town. There are even LDS social activities available to its residents. Is it a nice place to live?

As with many other cities, St. George has a unique climate. It's similar to Las Vegas, with a hot, desert-like climate in some seasons. Despite the mild winters, however, winters can be cold and gloomy. If you're looking for a place to live in St. George, the answer is yes. There are some great reasons to live in St. George.